Best 80 mm Case Fans – 80 mm Fans For PC

Best 80 mm Case Fans – 80 mm Fans For PC

As far as computing power and overall performance are concerned, the only thing that matters is air flow and cooling. With today’s modern machines, you can control the throttling of components to keep them cool. When they get too warm, they automatically slow down. Having the right cooling system is important to keep your computer up and running fast and error-free. 80mm fans aren’t the largest available, but most computer cases have several fan slots available. Here we will discuss about best 80 mm case fans.

When you use this format, it’s important to choose a quality fan to use for a limited surface area. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the best 80mm cooling fans on the market. Let’s show you how they differ and the differences that matter. We’ll then find the one that’s right for you.

1. Noctua NF-A8 ULN Premium 80mm Fan

Noctua, a company that provides fans and cooling solutions, is one of the most prolific companies in the industry. Their products are priced a little higher than the competition, but in almost every regard, their products outperform the competition. They put all of their energy into the mechanical components that make their business tick.

They are heavier than the other models, but their higher build quality makes them much better to handle. The 80mm fan will provide you with all the cooling benefits of its predecessors, but the added length makes it an easy fit for most 15.

Best 80 mm case fan


This little fan is Noctua’s latest addition to its family of cooling fans, and it looks just like its older one. Fans will recognize the company logo, which is so recognizable that the company has very little branding on the fan. There are no other signs to show that this is a ProActiv product other than the logo sticker on the box. The fan itself is well made, and the Noctua logo on the fan is clearly visible. It’s very clear from the Noctua NF-A8 ULN Premium 80mm Fan in our hand that it’s solidly

The plastic supports are incredibly rigid, so it feels a lot sturdier than what you’re used to. It offers smooth and consistent movement for all the different pressures.


This A8 can turn at 2000 RPM in direct drive mode and 2200 RPM in PWM mode.

The speed and accuracy are adjustable, giving you complete control over how much air is pushed out by the fan. The best air cooler for moving lots of air fast is the Rosewill U2-LN. With the correct arrangement, this fan will change the air in your case every 8 seconds.

This is more than enough to remove quite a large volume of heat and is definitely above average for the form factor. With this protective case, you can experience a linear change in air pressure, which reduces turbulence and keeps the air flowing smoothly. Having an anti-dust filter keeps dust out of the inside of your case.

A poorly designed fan causes many micro-movements which in turn cause hot air to pool up behind the case. These subtle design changes make for one powerful fan, keeping your components cooler than most of the competing models.


Though it has a higher output than other vans, this van is virtually silent when compared to other models. There are a couple of technologies at work here. First, you’ll notice the little notches around the inlet. This prevents air from entering the System unit gradually and instead causes a sudden rush of fresh air that helps reduce noise. Finally, fans reduce noise by reducing the noise produced by the fan.

One way fans are kept silent is by cutting small notches into the fan blades. This keeps them from causing too much noise. It prevents the fan blades from being starved of air by channeling it gradually. This increases the silence. The fan reduces noise by minimizing the vibration. For maximum safety, they’ve added rubber inserts to the mounting points of the fan to prevent the transfer of vibration to your computer case.

When it comes to the maximum noise level produced by the fan, we measured a loudness level of 17 DBA, which is about the audible level. This speaker system has the lowest-ever noise floor for a 2.0 speaker system. The low-noise dongle drops speed by about 15% and isn’t a huge deal for most people.

2. Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 80mm Silent Fan

If you’re shopping for PC cases and hardware, you’ve probably come across more than a few components made by Cooler Master. Their cases are very well designed and made of solid materials, but their power supplies are also very attractive and have high quality. Cooler Master makes some of the coolest components around.

Best 80 mm case fan


The Sleeve Bearing 80mm Silent Fan is one of Cooler Masters’ entry-level fans, but that doesn’t mean that performance has been troubled. This is the second-highest quality fan. It has all of the bells and whistles that are in the top-tier fan, such as the top-end motors and blades.

It’s a simple tool, but looks pretty cool! The appearance is just as simple as it comes—it has black blades and a black enclosure. The most impressive thing about the Sony HX9V is the large holographic logo, which is something you’ll want to get to know well. As the fan is so popular, there are many counterfeit versions available.


This cooling fan is uniquely built to go inside the CM 690, 590, or 690 II case. Cooler Master’s CM Mini 360 Case is a good choice if you’re looking for a small case that doesn’t sacrifice much for storage space. This portable laptop cooler has unique air slots designed for high airflow while remaining compact, and it delivers this feature as promised. Despite being tiny, the iClever has enough airflow to keep things cool for most people. With a great amount of fan speed, this case allows for the best airflow. The case can be used for compact cases, or for bigger cases. High-end overclockable CPUs and graphics cards are all examples of systems that can benefit from a high-output fan like this one.


This fan’s output is so high that it’s not even close to being silent. 20 DBA is a typical recording or broadcast studio noise level. Although we can’t call this level of sound “silent”, it’s so low in volume that most users would likely barely notice it.

They have an integrated amplifier that manages all the amplification and the low noise figure, making the system exceptionally easy to use. Most of it has to do with the shape of the fan blades, but there are other considerations as well. The slide has quite a steep angle, allowing it to easily move lots of air. The air inlet has been expanded and fitted with curves that reduce turbulent airflow and add to the overall noise reduction system.

3. Antec TriCool

The last fan you’ll be looking at comes from another popular case manufacturer. This is the same fan included in Antec’s higher-end cases, but it’s now available to all users. If you need more cooling or want to expand the performance of your case, this is the fan for you.

Best 80 mm case fan


If you’re looking to get a great case, the Antec TriCool is an excellent option. It will stand up to all the abuse your case may see over the years. It’s not just the fan itself that is made of plastic. What makes it stand out is the LED lights inside. There are two main colors, black and white. The red LED is sure to add a strong visual impact to any case. The blue ones have a more “electric” look to them. You can choose from a standard fan which has new lighting and comes a little cheaper in price, or a DBB fan, which we’ll discuss further in this article. In general, it’s not really the fan that gets your attention.


This is a nice fan that offers decent airflow for its size. It pushes out about 21 CFM of airflow. An ideal cooling system for any house would be one that cools efficiently. With this super-quiet 80mm fan, you can run your whole system without any complaints from the neighbors! The Exhaust Blower works well as an inlet fan for your air conditioning system or as an accessory fan to a central fan unit. While it’s not the highest pusher on the list, it still fits more air than most fans are able to dream of.


Even though the airflow rate has only been reduced by a small margin, the noise levels have quickly approached zero. The 10-DBA threshold is considered to be the lower level of audibility. This fan produces 16 DBA. Think leaves rustling in the wind or a distant whisper.

If you want to make sure your audio system sounds loud at any volume level, this is the fan you need. The cooling solution will run quieter, but most motherboards have the cooling fans auto-scaled to turn on when they sense a rise in temperature, so the chances that you’ll ever hear this fan running are pretty low.

Which 80mm Case Fan is Right for CPU?

Whether you’re choosing a big or small size fan, you’re going to need to determine how it’s going to be used. For the best vape, you need to have an equal amount of air coming into the case as there is going out of the case. Inventory the people already in place, and determine how much air is flowing into the case and if it’s even enough for the case.

If you have a large, open space in your case, consider placing an exit vent here. Heat may escape if you don’t. You could add an inlet somewhere else if the air was pulling more air through the duct. For an environment that is generating a lot of heat, we’d recommend the Noctua NF-A8 ULN Premium Fan.

This is the most effective noise-reducing model for its size and will keep your room cooler without sacrificing sound. A Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing an 80mm Fan is a good choice if the price is a consideration. It’s small and quiet enough for any PC case. With a price like this, this isn’t one of the better options. What kind of inlet fan do you need? The Antec TriCool 80mm Fan is a great option for your computer. The stylish lighting system of the Antec fan can improve the look of your case. Beyond that, it’s a great way to make your PC look more modern.

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