Best 140 mm Case Fans – 140 mm Fans for PC

Best 140 mm Case Fans – 140 mm Fans for PC

Buying case fans can be as easy or complicated as you want them to be. Do you just want a general-purpose case fan? If we have a passion for buying but don’t know which products are best, we need to start by understanding the products we want to buy. We’ve gone through the best 140 mm case fans on the market and picked out a handful of excellent choices. You have several options for all-around performance fans, including an RGB option, a silent fan, and a 140 mm fan for the silent fanatics.



Arctic has made waves in the CPU cooling industry with affordable, high-performance cooling solutions. Their Liquid Freezer II 280 was one of the first 280mm AIOs we reviewed, and it’s still our favorite CPU cooler at this price point. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep up with the best in their field and offers great performance at an affordable price.

best 140 mm case fans

Another example is the Arctic P14 PWM. It markets the P14 as a static pressure fan, so its impressive 2.40 mm-H2O static pressure rating shouldn’t come as a surprise. You don’t need to worry about the power of your fan when you use the P14, because its airflow isn’t too great. It has a CFM of 72.8, which isn’t that high, so it won’t cool down your room too much. When it comes to making smart choices, the P14 PWM fan is an excellent choice. The P14 PWM is an excellent solution for those who need a variable-speed device. It’s made of durable materials and can easily withstand high temperatures and pressure.

The Arctic P14 PWM is the quietest air cooler we’ve tested. With its 22.5 dBA rating, it offers a great balance between noise and cooling performance. While there are excellent 140 mm case fans, the Arctic P14 PWM has some advantages. There’s no reason to get excited about this upgrade over a higher-end model, since performance will almost certainly be pretty similar, and it might actually be slightly louder under load. It’s a better choice for your needs. The Noctua costs $34 while the Arctic costs only $16. It’s a better deal. This is the best choice for someone who wants performance and noise for their computer. It is priced well and offers both PWM and PWM PST modes to suit different needs.

The Arctic P14 is available in two versions: a standard PWM version and a PWM PST (PWM Sharing Technology) version. The two versions are identical, but the PST version has an extra four-pin socket that you can use to daisy-chain multiple P14 fans together. On a really tight budget, the Arctic P14 is an excellent choice.


As far as fans go, the Noctua NF-A14 PWM fan has been around for a few years now, and it continues to get positive reviews and feedback. While it may not sit at the top of the 140 mm case fan pile on its own, it is still a very good cooler with excellent cooling performance and all the other extras that make it worth buying. Noctua fans are popular because they’re reliable and quiet, but the NF-A14 is a jack-of-all-trades fan that can occupy all fan mounting spots in your system.

best 140 mm case fans

The 120 CFM maximum airflow is excellent for an all-rounder fan, and the static pressure measurement is still impressive at 2.11 mm-H2O. If you don’t want to spend more than $25, this fan is a great choice. It won’t blow air out the back, but it’ll keep any hot air out of your room. Noctua also stands out with its packaging, and the extras you get with each fan. The new NF-A14 PWM fan is packed with more high-end features than its predecessors. It also comes with a low noise adapter, four-pin Y-cable, 30 cm (11.


High CFM and static pressure are both important, but not at the expense of efficiency and power. You can get RGB fans in other brands as well, such as Noctua and Arctic, but you’ll want to check them out more closely if you want to buy one. CORSAIR QL140 fan’s unique look and color make it stand out among all other RGB fans available right now. It has a good design and makes a very good cooling solution. Corsair’s RGB fans haven’t always been the best fans around. The QL140 fans, for example, are quite mediocre when it comes to cooling performance.

best 140 mm case fans

Sure, they’ll do an alright job, but cooling performance isn’t why you buy these. Corsair QL140 fans are a good choice for lighting. They feature four lighting zones that provide bright white light. It doesn’t matter if your gaming rig is running out of space because it has a small chassis, or you’re trying to get the best possible performance out of your new system by cramming in a graphics card that is too large for the case

Many of the best-performing RGB fans, including Corsair’s LL-series fans, only have single-sided RGB LED rings. The RGB effect will only shine inside your case when you use it as a fan-less exhaust. When you buy the QL140 from Amazon, you won’t face a dilemma between lighting and airflow; you can have both at their best.


One of a handful of Noctua’s P14 variants in the Redux range, the redux-900 is one of a few of its kind to include a 0dB fan profile. This is a 3-pin PWM fan designed to run at a fixed 900 RPM for near-silent 13.2 dBA operation. The NF-A20 should give you about the same fan noise level as Noctua’s NF-A14 PWM. That’s still too much fan noise for many systems. If a silent operation is more important than cooling performance, the Noctua NF-P14s-900 is the best choice. Despite the ultra-low noise levels the redux-900 still recorded decent airflow.

best 140 mm case fans

When you get static pressure from an axial fan, you know it’s going to be low, but not great. Your radiator doesn’t need fans, it has air cooling built right in. Noctua’s fan lineup also includes the NF-A15, which is part of their flagship X series. This model includes all of the features and performance benefits that Noctua’s flagship series offers. You’ll get an ordinary black metal fan case. But, you’ll also get mounting screws. Those are normal for all fans sold on Amazon. You do get a nicer two-tone gray color scheme, but that’s really it. It’s not all bad, though. In fact, it could be a huge plus for many people. All six-year warranties are honored, and that means you’ll always have plenty of time to return an overheated CPU if something happens.


If you need 140 mm fans on a really tight budget, then these up-here three-fan packs are a great option. The pack is a very good deal at around $17 for three fans. You can always find good deals on products for your home, from major brands like Procter & Gamble. Here 140 mm fans are three-pin DC fans. They run at a fixed 1,000 RPM. Fans are running really low this year, and that leads to a mediocre airflow rating. If you’re looking for a fan that gives out similar airflows as Noctua’s most powerful cooler, Noctua also produces the same.

best 140 mm case fans

These work better for those wanting a budget-friendly, quiet home server. You won’t have much noise at all, and you can even adjust the fan speeds to get the lowest possible levels. The presence of a four-pin Molex connector tells us that this is a refurbished fan, which is a little better than the stock fan. With these high-quality Arctic fans, you can cool CUP without breaking the bank. Just remember to install them correctly.

120 MM VS. 140 MM FANS

The general wisdom is that 140 mm fans are preferred over 120 mm fans whenever possible. Their larger diameter means they can usually perform better than 120 mm fans at a given RPM. You can run your 140mm fans slower for lower noise and still maintain airflow at a similar level to the smaller 120 mm fans. The P14, Arctic’s 14-inch fan, features 70 CFM of airflow and 2.4 mm of static pressure at 1700 RPM. The P12 on the other hand offers 2.3 CFM and 3.20 mm-H2O at a slightly higher 1800 RPM.

If you do the math you can see that it should be possible to run the P14 PWM cooler at 1500 RPM (or less) and achieve cooling performance on par with the P12 PWM. The best 120 mm fans aren’t that much more expensive than 140 mm fans, so there’s no reason not to buy the 140 mm version if your computer case supports it.


In the market, there are a lot of 140 mm case fans out there, many of which will perform sufficiently and cool your gaming PC. Not all 140mm fans are the same, some move a lot more air, some are near-silent, and some offer above-average RGB lighting. Yes, because you still have to take the time to pick the best 140 mm case fans.

If you want a fan that will perform well for years, the Arctic P14 PWM fans are the fan for you. Their high-quality products and wide variety of options make it easy to find the right option for your budget. You can get the same great Noctua NF-A14 PWM fans without all the extra perks, though, so that’s your best choice.

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